Next school year, we will begin celebrating the 800th anniversary of the Rosary. In the year 1208, the Blessed Mother, Mary, appeared to St. Dominique with instructions to make and pray Rosaries. Europe was under siege by many different factions, all bent on destroying one another for differing beliefs. Sound familiar? Mary told St. Dominique to teach everyone how to pray the Rosary so they could save themselves from ruin. There is a great deal of history on the subject and more miracles associated with the Rosary than there is available space to write. The KC’s have a special devotion to the Rosary in our history as well.


We believe there are some really incredible “Rosary stories”, right here at HNOJ. Maybe they involve small miracles or major turning points in someone’s life. Maybe they are stories passed on from families. Motivational or inspirational is what we hope people come up with. Furthermore, would like to collect and feature some of those stories in the Bulletin each month, beginning in September. The Catholic Church has always referred to the month of May as the designated Rosary month and we assume there will be something special planned from the Vatican for the 800th anniversary. If not, we will plan something that involves the parish. Until then, we would like to compile, create and share stories from our parishioners and link them to the HNOJ web site as well as our own site.


Here’s the appeal; if you want to draft something in writing, send it to the parish with instructions to place in the KC box or e-mail it to Marty Dehen  If you want help in writing it, you can also contact Marty. If you want to remain anonymous, state that in your reply. Don’t be afraid to ask your teenagers to help you write it on the family computer. I’m sure we could get the 10th grade Confirmation candidates some kind of credit towards their volunteer hours if we had to. If you know of anyone in need of an actual Rosary, we have 500 to give away and more when they’re gone.

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