Council Awards

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Knight of the Year

Fraternity and volunteerism are the cornerstones of our Order.  To foster high morale and encourage volunteerism among our membership, the Council annually recognizes the “Knight of the Year”.  The recipient is chosen for his exemplary service to Church, community, council, family and youth.

Family of the Year

The Knights of Columbus has have always been interested in the development of strong, vibrant families.  In support of this philosophy and to create an even greater awareness of our many fine Columbian families, the Council annually recognizes a family that lives traditional Christian family values and deserves recognition for doing so.

Factors to consider in your “Family of the Year” recommendation:

  • Has the family made significant contributions to the Church, community and/or council?
  • Does the family enjoy one another?
  • Does the family share experiences?
  • Does the family communicate openly and honestly?
  • Does the family pray and attend Mass together?
  • Does the family spend its time together?

In the Footsteps of St Joseph

The backbone of our Council is its volunteers. The recipient is a Knight who consistently volunteers, is dependable, cheerful and goes the ‘extra mile’ to get a project completed.