November 2018 GK Report

Grand Knight Report / Agenda

November 13, 2018


Good Samaritan Council 13096


Old Business:

  • Calendar Items with HNOJ in conflict – Need verification:
    • Pancake Breakfast dates requested
      • 3/10/19 confirmed
      • 4/07/19 confirmed
      • 5/19/19 just confirmed!
    • Tootsie Roll Sale dates requested 5/04 and 5/05
    • Officer Installation and Mass date requested 7/11/19 (Thursday)
  • Pancake Breakfast #2 recap (Silver)
    • Attendance
    • Sales
    • Marketing follow up
  • Coats for Kids order confirmed
    • Have we received the Coats?
    • Dan C. Has the knitted hats
    • Discuss Distribution
  • Special Olympics Bowling
    • 12/01 Date (Saturday) for our District 53
    • 10:00 to 3:30 PM
    • Bowlero Bowling Center in Brooklyn Park
  • District Memorial Mass recap (Rode)

New Business:

  • New Icon Our Lady Help of Persecuted Christians
    • District 53 Traveling Icon
    • HNOJ requested to host 12/10 -12/20
    • Location of the Memorial Chapel requested
    • Holy Family Icon was displayed in this location this past summer
  • Growing the Order
    • Need to grow our Council Members
    • Early January Meeting to be set up for ideas
    • Will invite our Field Agent John Egan
  • K of C District 53 Meeting (Verify with Bill Swing)
    • Date 12/06/18 (Thursday)
    • Location TBD
    • 7:00 – 9:30 PM
  • Christmas Party
    • Date 12/11/18 (Tuesday)
    • Location Vic Tarnowski’s Residence
    • 435 Pleasant Ridge Road
    • Catering by Cynthia Cavanaugh
  • Christmas Eve Parking 12/24/18 (Dust)
  • Free Throw Competition
    • Local slated for 1/19/19
    • At Loretto Council
    • Strategy Meeting needed
    • Joe Badalucco volunteer coordinator
    • District Free Throw on 2/02/19
  • No Council Meeting in December – Next meeting 1/08/19


2018 October GK Report

Grand Knight Report / Agenda

October 9, 2018


Good Samaritan Council 13096


Old Business:

  • Pancake Breakfast recap (Silver)
  • Big Small Dinner recap (Grube)
  • Coats for Kids order confirmed
  • Special Olympics Bowling (12/01) Sign Up

New Business:


  • Calendar Items with HNOJ in conflict – Need verification:
    • 2/17 Pancake Breakfast is out – (5/19 work?)
    • 4/28 and 4/29 Tootsie Roll Sale conflict (5/04 and 5/05 work?)
    • 7/13 Officer Installation and Mass should be 7/11 (Thursday)
  • Habitat for Humanity Opportunity (10/27)
  • DD Report (Swing)
  • New Business


September 2018 GK Agenda

Grand Knight Report / Agenda

September 11, 2018


Good Samaritan Council 13096


Old Business:

  • Elevate Life Gala Dinner
    • Saturday 9/22 at Double Tree in Bloomington
    • Several table places open
    • Matt Birk speaker
    • Contact Murry Wolf
  • Fall Festival this Saturday
    • Email Blast for volunteers
    • Dan Cincoski leading the effort

New Business:


  • Pancake Breakfast coming up on 10/07/18
    • Theme is?
    • Email Blast needed
  • Big Small Dinner coming up on 10/04/18
  • Coats for Kids coming soon
  • New Business


August 2018 Grand Knight Agenda

Grand Knight Report / Agenda

August 14, 2018


Good Samaritan Council 13096


Old Business:

  • Elevate Life Fundraiser Update
  • Officers Meeting Update
    • Program Officers Update
    • Calendar Update
    • Help needed for new year
  • Fall Festival preparation update – Dan Cincoski
  • Fourth Degree Ceremony update – Dan Cincoski

New Business:


  • District Deputy Update
  • New Business

2018 Grand Knight Report

Grand Knight Report / Agenda

July 10, 2018


Good Samaritan Council 13096


Old Business:

    • HNOJ Rummage Sale Update
    • Columbian Award work submitted in late June
    • Council received Certificate of Excellence Award at State Convention
    • Summer District Meeting 7/12/18 at 7:00 PM
      • HNOJ Fireside Room
      • Need three representatives of our Council in attendance
  • District 53 Installation of Officers on Thursday 6/21/18 



New Business:

  • Murray Wolf to present his Elevate Life purpose with a donation ask
  • Officers Meeting to review schedule for next year
    • July 19th at 7:00 PM
    • Meeting room at Lund’s/ Byerly’s upper meeting room
  • Bill met with Fr. Steve in recently (late June)
    • Review yearly scheduled items
    • 2019 District 53 Installation at HNOJ
    • K of C events
  • Fall Festival preparation update – Dan Cincoski
  • Fourth Degree Ceremony July 28th – Dan Cincoski
  • New Business


Tootsie Roll Drive

Each year the Knights of Columbus host the Tootsie Roll Drive in conjunction with all other KOFC councils worldwide to help support children with special needs. The drive is THIS WEEKEND April 22 -23 2017 at HNOJ and we can use your help at every mass this weekend to raise money for this worthy cause.

Please sign up to help here and remember you don’t have to be a member to volunteer for this event.

Get Fr. Steve to the Priest’s Retreat!

Let’s get Father Steve to this Priest’s Retreat this summer!   See retreat details at :

Jon Hickman has been coordinating this effort.  (Thanks Jon!)  Jon presented to the Council on April 11th and followed up with this email:

As I mentioned, I think it is important that we remind men that this should be a gift in addition to their normal support of Holy Name of Jesus rather than replacing a normal contribution. This is one of the reasons I would rather see many small donations than a few larger ones. Also, many smaller donations will allow more of the men of the parish to participate in sending Fr. Steve to this retreat.

Fr. Steve is truly excited about being able to attend this retreat. While I know we have all seen him excited about events here at Holy Name of Jesus, but to see him excited about something for himself is a real treat – and well timed I believe in light of the recent loss of his sister.

As mentioned, I will prepare some envelopes to leave at the front desk for anyone interested to use in dropping of a donation. Checks if written may be made out to me. As mentioned, if we raise monies beyond the event costs and “traveling money” for Fr. Steve, we will ask him to designate where at Holy Name of Jesus the excess funds should be used.

Thank you all again for the opportunity to address the Knights as well as for your prayers for the success of our “Get Fr. Steve to the Priest’s Retreat” efforts.


Lenten Seafood Event 2017 Summary and Appeal

Photos from 2017 Lenten Fish Fry
Courtesy of Emily Abe of Emily Abe Design

MEDINA, MN – The Good Samaritan Council of the Knights of Columbus have hosted the Annual Asian Seafood Buffet each year to help increase attendance for the various special needs orgs at HNOJ (like Hammer Residence and others) combined Stations of the Cross event (View Photos of this years event) There are Stations every Friday at HNOJ, but the one-time special needs event was less populated than the others. It was and continues to be a great fit for us to co-op with them and blends nicely with our affinity for Special Olympics. Many more attend now than what used to because of our event.

A special thanks to our KC member Marty Schlundt and his wife Lani for being the hosts of this year’s annual KC Lenten seafood buffet event, all of our brother Knights, the families of Holy Name and to Emily Abe of Emily Abe Designs for helping us take photos of the event which can be above.

When Davonne Yang moved to California, earlier this past year, we were in a quandary as to what would happen when it came time to host our event. Luckily, Lani (and friends) stepped up and chaired the event, possibly just for this one time. The big question is what will we do next year? This was our 10th year for the Asian theme and we’ve built a fairly good reputation with our local patronage. The feed-back was, “best ever egg rolls and two thumbs up on Greg’s tuna chow mein”. We also heard cake is preferred over pie. Any constructive comments or success stories of other Lenten events at other parishes would be greatly appreciated.

The HNOJ Lenten tradition we tried to create, was themed “Asian” for several reasons:

  • There are nearby parishes who host standard fish fry’s and we wanted to be different
  • Davonne Yang and Fr. Joe are both Asians and were gracious hosts
  • Asian food is popular and considered healthier than fried
  • The down side is:
  • it’s more labor intensive than traditional fish fry’s
  • it requires additional prep-time
  • we run into the events simultaneous with others; St. Anne’s in Hamel, Loretto, etc.


Though it’s possible Lani and Marty may Captain this one more year, we are extending an appeal to the ENTIRE membership for a co-captain couple of the seafood event. Because we appear to be low on Asian members, we may have to be open to a new direction. However, we should not be too hasty in giving up the “Asian brand” that we’ve created and are becoming famous for in the Western suburban area. If you are not as involved as you’re capable and do nothing else in the course of the KC calendar year, this could be your big contribution to the council. We desperately need an event captain for this one annual occurrence.

In recognizing the extra work that goes into prep, we’ve allocated extra expenses for next years budget to buy pre-shelled and de-veined shrimp for next year and we can buy cake, taking the labor out of the pie making.


Thank You from Lauri

Early last week our council received the following communication from a wife of one our council members and Director of Sacramental Preparation and Formation at Holy Name of Jesus. So we wanted to be sure and share it with all of our members and friends.
Hi Dave,
 Once again, this email is overdue. A very busy time of the year for the Church as you well know.
I want to thank you and your brother Knights, for your ongoing intentional service for this ministry area. The RCIA Brunch was again a wonderful success and much appreciated by the RCIA participants.
I feel very blessed by your continuous support of this important part of our Church’s hospitality.
In addition, I am overwhelmed by your generosity to cover the costs of the pancake breakfast, for our group, as well as always being there for us.  That is quite a gift, and please know that it doesn’t go unnoticed…(or unsung).
Once again, Thank you and the Council for your wonderful help.
God’s Blessings and generosity to you and your brother Knights,
Lauri Becker
Director of Sacramental Preparation and Formation
Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Community

Annual Asian Seafood Buffet and Stations of the Cross

MEDINA, MN – The Good Samaritan Council of the Knights of Columbus are pleased to announce they will once again be hosting their annual Asian Seafood Buffet. This event will take place in the Good Samaritan Center at Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church in Wayzata, MN. and starts at 5pm March 10th, 2017.

This event is hosted by the Good Samaritan Council of Knights of Columbus #13096 and always falls in conjunction with the Stations of the Cross hosted by the Special Needs Program. Over the years it has become a staple for parishioners, local families, and the community at large. If you wish to help volunteer for the event please visit our sign up sheet to register for a slot or tell us and your friends you are coming with our Facebook event

This years menu will include:

  • Vegetable/Noodles and Shrimp
  • Jasmine Rice
  • Fried Rice
  • Tuna Chow Mein
  • Beer Battered Cod
  • Cheese Pizza
  • Fish Sticks
  • Pie/Cake