Christmas Eve Parking Attendants

Every year the Good Samaritan Knights of Columbus Council helps with parking at the Christmas eve mass. We have been asked once again to help do this and thus in need of some extra hands on deck to help us. Please consider joining Grand Knight Dave Stumpf and other Knights as we welcome greet, and be that first person our visitors and guests meet as they arrive to our parish.

Merry Christmas to all of you and thanks for your help on this wonderful service opportunity to our Holy Name of Jesus Community.

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Supreme Knight Carl Anderson was among the outstanding Catholic leaders recognized by Our Sunday Visitor

We received word via email earlier today from the Supreme office in New Haven, Connecticut that they were proud to announce that Supreme Knight Carl Anderson was among the outstanding Catholic leaders recognized by Our Sunday Visitor for contributions to the Church and society throughout the year!

The original article was shared on OSV Newsweekly Home Page but in an effort to make it easier for you to view we have embedded it below.

Council Featured in Parish Bulletin

November 12, 2016 – Medina,MN – The Good Samaritan Council of the Knights of columbus is pleased to share with it’s members that we were requested by Holy Name Parish to provide a 250 word paragraph that could be featured in the bulleting for the parish. Thanks to the work of our Marketing team headed up by PR Chair Jason Touw and our Lecturer Marty Dehen the council will be featured this weekend. The weekend was chosen to coinside with our pancake breakfast. Be sure to get your copy at our breakfast on November 13th and take a extra copy to share about our parish and council wiht other friends and family.

You can also share the link directly to your friends and family here

Get out the Vote 2016

This upcoming election will be one of the most difficult ones in a long time. There is much confusion (by design) and many wonder what our obligation is as Catholics. Here is a u-tube link worth watching (19 min. long) to a full Sunday Homily given by a well known priest in Arizona. Many, if not all, of his homilies are on u-tube. He’s a no-nonsense, by the book homilist, not some far fetched whack-job. In our First Degree ceremony, we are to keep all partisan politics from our meetings. Should you watch this link, you’ll note that no specific party or candidate are mentioned by name. Our November meeting is actually on the 8th, or election night, so vote early, if you plan on attending.

October Pancake Breakfast Date Announced

Medina, MN – The Good Samaritan Knights have announced they will be hosting their first Pancake Breakfast of the 2016 – 2017 season on October 2nd, 2016. Further details were not yet provided as to when the future dates would be.

The Good Samaritan Council invites all members of the public to join them for their kick off breakfast event this Sunday. The cost for breakfast is a free will offering and can be made via cash, credit or check.

Further details on the breakfast can be found on their website – or by emailing should you wish to volunteer please click here.

Ever Changing Catholics

Fr. Steve came to our last council meeting on Tuesday, September 13th and presented a couple of issues weighing heavy on his mind. Across the entire country, but specific to our Archdiocese, attendance is down, at least 20%, which means Sunday collections are also significantly lower. In turn, all the various “worthy Catholic causes” are also feeling the crunch and stepping up efforts for all the area parishes to swing the collection plates a second time during Mass. The mathematics indicate that a large number of donors basically divide up the normal intended Sunday give between the two charities, resulting in both groups getting less. Many area Pastors are forced to disallow the second collections, in order to keep their own finances in check. Fr. Steve will speak to the parish about this soon. Chances are fairly high that it will be met with some resistance.

Fr. Steve has elected to continue to support Ascension Parish and most of our HNOJ favorite charities, but needs to institute a few changes at HNOJ, some yet to be determined. He is creating a groundswell discipleship movement that will need the support of our KC Council and other “bellwether” leadership groups inside HNOJ, to help support Nate and Chris and other staff members, launch the efforts need to succeed. We have always had a great community at HNOJ. In the future, he may call on our council to assist in new ways, as he has always considered us “good disciples”. Our KC Council believes we may brainstorm the topic and help Father come up with ideas. Be sure to do your best to support all of his efforts. There’s nothing easy about being a priest.

Because of the economy, the political environment and the historical and widely reported abuse in the Catholic Church, people are more emotional than normal. Trust levels are at an all-time low, across the board. The various topics are awkward to discuss and polarizing for priests and parishioners, especially the not-so-regular Mass attendee’s. The many openly public “armchair quarterbacks” love to bloviate opinions at work and social encounters, keeping wounds open and topics fresh. The mainstream media has never been an ally. As KC’s, one of our biggest duties is to support our parish priests with time, talent, treasure and prayer. We also need to pray for vocations.

If you believe in history repeating itself, this isn’t the first time the Catholic Church has ever fallen out of favor with the masses. Every once in a while, I’ve engaged in a discussion about the 13 year old Pope that was put into power by corrupt families many centuries ago. At that time, much of Europe’s populace was illiterate, uneducated, poor and oppressed people. Also, during that time-frame, ordinary parish priests; i.e. St. Francis, St. Benedict, St. Ignatius, St. Dominic and many more, were touched by God or saintly intercedents and became infused with the Holy Spirit to create numerous, robust religious orders that educated and evangelized all of Europe. Most of them incorporated the Rosary with their teachings. The Catholic Church grew at an incredible rate, in spite of the dysfunction in Rome.

It’s times like these, where God intervenes and inspires great deeds from ordinary people. Open your minds and hearts to prayer and meditation, attend mass, read the Bible and stay engaged in our wonderful HNOJ community. This, too, will pass.

Sunburn and Life Insurance??

Sunburn and Life Insurance, how can you connect them?  Well thanks to my kids, I can.  Yesterday I went to my paternal annual cousin’s day.  We gather at my Aunt’s house on the lake near Chisago city.  I told my kids to put on sunscreen before hitting the water.  Nope, they are smarter than good old Dad.  Well I now have three kids look like lobsters.  Sound advice given and now after the damage is done, that advice makes sense.  But what confuses me…. this has happened before, and before and before.  This is not the first time they have refused to listen and then get burned.

The same thing happens with life insurance.  We know we need it (the sunblock), your agent says that you need it (the advice), the refusal and then the pain of the burn.  You suddenly need it.  But there is nothing you can do with the pain (the new price).    Your health has changed, you have gotten a decade or two older.  I did not think I needed life insurance beyond this age, etc, etc, etc…  Brothers your permanent life insurance is the a lifetime sunblock that will never fail you.  Everyone needs it.  We are all going to die, we just don’t know the day nor the hour.  Too often I get a phone call from Brother Knights who have received bad news from the Doctor and then want life insurance.  Don’t delay, put on some sunblock and buy some permanent KC life insurance.  You will be thankful after a hard life in the sun.

Vivat Jesus,

David Goedtke, Your humble Field Agent

Phone: 507-720-1652

STAR council

We hear all this talk about Star council.  Who cares?  Well let me shed a little light on why you should care.  Star Council is the easiest way to see if a council is healthy and doing the work of Fr. McGivney.  So where to begin?  Membership, Programs, Insurance… Well first I will start with the Insurance.  Our program is by Brother Knights, For Brother Knights and their families.  Are you aware that your council, just our own little council has millions of dollars of insurance.  If something happens, our insured members will spouse, children, charities, the church itself will receive millions of dollars.  That money is real, it allows the family to continue on.  What happens when a Brother Knight dies.  Well a husband has been lost.  A child loses their father.  Our Council loses a friend.  Life Insurance suddenly becomes a real necessity.  It becomes real.  Consider the member who called me at the age of 85 and wants $375,000 of coverage and doesn’t want to pay premiums.  He is treating life insurance like a lottery ticket.  My next post.  Programs.

Name Tag Order

During the monthly council meeting on June 14th, 2016 the brothers present at the meeting voted to proceed with an order of name tags for all officers. As part of the motion it was agreed to allow members that wish to purchase a name tag at a discounted rate of $4.25 versus the full price of $8.50 could do so. Please complete the below form and provide us exactly as you would like it to appear on the tag. We will then place an order for you

Name Badge Order Form

Can you help at the HNOJ Rummage Sale??

We have been provided an opportunity as a council once again to provide service to our parish by volunteering for the annual Holy Name Rummage Sale.  Your muscles could come in handy for set-up for the sale this Sunday, June 19th, from 1-4PM.  Another big opportunity comes on Saturday, June 25th during clean-up from noon until 3PM.  Additionally, we could use Brother Knights during the day or evening to help unload contributions Monday through Wednesday, the 20th to the 22nd.  Finally, if anyone has use of a pickup truck, that would come in especially handy during clean-up on Saturday the 25th, as a set of clothing display racks that are borrowed from St. Thomas Church in Corcoran will have to be returned that day.

If you are available to assist please register here on the parish’s sign up genius form