Coats For Kids

Launched in 2009 by the Supreme Office of the Knights of Columbus, the K of C “Coats for Kids” program has already provided more than 170,000 new coats to children in need. More than 1,200 K of C councils participated in this program in the past year and our council provides coats for kids that are in need and deliver them to the IOCP organization. Once again this year we will be participating in the project. Learn more form the below video or visit

Breakfast Buffet Supporting HNOJ Kitchen on November 15th

pancakesOur next breakfast buffet is Sunday November 15th.   Proceeds from this breakfast will support the operations of the HNOJ kitchen.  Support this worthy cause by signing up for one or both of these shifts:


  • 1st shift:  6:15AM-10:15AM
  • 2nd shift: 10:15AM-1:30PM

If you have further questions about this breakfast you can e-mail Breakfast Buffet Chair, Tom Silver, at otherwise please sign up to help

Thanks to all who helped with the October 4th pro life breakfast. Our net (after expenses) came to approximately $1,400 all of which went to support pro life organizations!

2 New Brothers Welcomed

(L to R) Brother Knight Kent Krager, Grant Knight Dave Stumpf, Brother Knight Charles Gonderinger, 1st Year Trustee Dan Cincoski
(L to R) Brother Knight Kent Krager, Grant Knight Dave Stumpf, Brother Knight Charles Gonderinger, 1st Year Trustee Dan Cincoski

On Thursday October 29th, 2015 the Good Samaritan Council 13096 was pleased to welcome our two newest members to the council. These gentleman were welcomed in during the major degree ceremony hosted by our Brother Knights at the St Joseph the Worker council in Maple Grove, MN.with 13 other catholic gentleman joining from various other councils twin cities wide. Also in attendance to welcome these new knights at this ceremony was our Grand Knight Dave Stumpf, 1st Year Trustee Dan Cincoski and Brother knight / council webmaster Jason Touw. 

Congratulations and welcome to the council Kent Krager & Charles Gonderinger.

Minnetonka Life Care Center Expansion Project

Cynpro lifedie Gloe, Director of the Minnetonka Life Care Center, is asking for our help with the expansion of the Center. New space previously occupied by an adjacent salon will be added. Work will involve tear down of walls, cabinets, ceiling, flooring, sheet rocking, etc. The goal is to have this project completed by mid January.

Brother Greg Wacek and his partner Dave Peterson will be providing us with the details, i.e. timing, number of volunteers, specific tasks, etc.  (You may recall that Greg completed the construction of a new room in the Center back in 2012.) Watch for these details in an upcoming announcement.

At this time, we are looking for a Knight to serve as the “Council Project Liaison”. This person would be responsible for communicating with Greg and/or Dave and coordinating KC Council volunteers. If interested, please contact Bill Swing.

A great opportunity to promote life!

Fire For Discipleship and Sleep Out

2015_sleepout_logo_blk_blu_white_bkgd1-200x200We have been requested to participate with the annual SleepOut and Fire for Discipleship. This event is hosted by Holy Name of Jesus to benefit the IOCP. The event takes place from December 16th through December 17th. We as a council have signed up to participate on the evening of December 16th into 17th at midnight for one hour. Please consider joining us for prayers, companionship, brotherly discussions and supporting Chris Kostelc, Coordinator of Adult Formation; Murray Wolf, Pastoral Council Chair; and Deacon Dennis Hanson as they sleep outside in the dead of winter.

Learn more about this event here and if you are interested in participating please contact Earl Forrence

Grand Knight New Year Message 2015

Happy New Year!

January 1st marks the half way point through the KC fraternal year.   This is a good time to reflect on the Council’s activities over the past six months and to consider upcoming activities.  As you make new year’s resolutions, please think about your involvement with the Council.   It’s a great bunch of guys, activities are fun, and it hits the mark as far as discipleship goes.  

It has been a busy six months.  Take a look at these pictures that I feel capture the spirit of our Council during this time:  The pictures don’t show all activities.   Here’s a comprehensive list of activities/programs that were completed:

1.      Fall Fest KC Grill

2.      Coats for Kids to IOCP

3.      Religious bracelets to HNOJ school children

4.      Rosary for the unborn at site of the Memorial for the Unborn

5.      Four RSVP scholarships to seminarians

6.      Painting of the Good Samaritan Center

7.      Building of shelving unit in storage room

8.      Wednesday evening Faith Formation fine dining

9.      “Get out the vote” program

10. Monthly lecturers reports

11. Special Needs Fall Class Bowling

12. Memorial Mass at St Anne’s with district councils

13. KC adoration chapel hour

14. Donation to Global Wheelchair Program

15. Donations to three pro-life organizations

16. Donation to HNOJ kitchen operation

17. Participation in KC Auxiliary Home Free Fund Raiser

18. KC breakfast buffets (two)

19. Tending the HNOJ-IOCP Discipleship Fire

20. Donation to IOCP discipleship program

21. Parking cars for Christmas Eve Mass

22. KC Christmas party



My appreciation to all who have contributed their time and energy to these projects!  


If there’s been a theme for this past six months, I suggest that it is “communications” – better communications with other HNOJ ministries and better communications within our Council.  Fr. Andrew has been especially helpful here and we look forward to working with him more as we move forward.  

Another significant effort started in the first half was the complete review and rewrite of the Council bylaws.  This effort, led by our Advocate and Trustees, involves a review of all facets of Council operations.  This is good for our Council as it causes us to question current processes and if necessary modify them to better support the Council’s mission.

The time ahead promises to bring many new opportunities for us to serve our parish and community – opportunities to become better disciples of Christ.   A number of 2015 activities have already been posted to the Council’s calendar at (click on “Open Item”).  Those coming up are:

  • January 13th, KC Council Meeting, 7:30PM, Staff Lounge (in the office area behind reception desk).  Rosary at 7:10PM.
  • January 23 – 25th, Annual Pro-Life Cinnamon Roll Bake Sale
  • January 31th, KC Free Throw Championship, 1:15PM, HNOJ Gym
  • February 1 – 6th, Immaculate Conception Icon, Adoration Chapel  (service time to be determined)
  • February 14th, District Free Throw Championship, 1:15PM, HNOJ Gym
  • Wednesdays January 7th, 14th, 21st & February 4th, 11th, 25th:  Faith Formation Evening: Fine Dining

Then there are also those projects that are in process or ongoing:

  • The “communications” theme will continue with Fr Andrew serving as our primary conduit to HNOJ ministries.
  • The Trustees will continue their work reviewing and rewriting the Council bylaws.
  • Discussions on “HNOJ Property enhancements” will continue. 
  • The Council completed the painting of the sacristy & the Good Samaritan Center and also the building of the requested shelving unit last November.  An “adopt an island” program will now be considered where parish groups and families would “adopt” flower bed(s) around the parish grounds.  
  •  A “rosary promotion” project would involve soliciting “inspiring Rosary essays” from parishioners and the publishing/distribution of selected essays in May, the month of Mary. 

And finally, we should make a stronger effort at growing our Council.  I ask that you make a concerted effort to share the good news of our Council with your friends and encourage them to join.

Please continue to monitor the Council web site at for the latest Council news and activity updates. 

Stay warm & have a blessed new year!

Fr. Fernando’s Mass of Thanksgiving

Pictures featuring Fr. Fernando Ortega’s Mass of Thanksgiving at Holy Name of Jesus.  We at HNOJ served as Fr. Fernando’s Teaching Parish for three years prior to his ordination.  Fr. Fernando has been assigned to Divine Mercy in Fairbault.