For the Good of the Order, October 9, 2018

Those for whom prayers are requested:

  • Christopher “Kip” Walker and wife Susan
  • Dick and Mary Alice Hargarten
  • Jerry Sisk
  • George Laurance
  • Tom Silver
  • Earl Forrence
  • Dave Brinza
  • Paul Silver (Tom Silver’s brother)
  • Bill Rudolph
  • Paul Rode (John Rode’s brother) on his recent loss of employment
  • Davone Yang and family
  • Father Steve and Father Evans
  • Roman Schuh (father of Joni Gibbs) on his passing
  • Those suffering from the effects of natural disasters
  • Those preparing for marriage
  • Those in troubled marriages
  • The unborn and pro-life
  • Prayers of thanks for Pope Francis
  • All Cardinals, Bishops, Priests and Religious
  • The unemployed and those seeking work
  • Troubled youth
  • In thanksgiving for prayers answered
  • For all Brother Knights and their families in need of our prayers
  • Candidates for vocations
  • Police Officers
  • Armed Forces
  • All 1st responders