HNOJ 9th grade rosary miracle


A message delivered to the HNOJ Passion Play cast and crew by the KC’s


On this 800 year anniversary of the Rosary, the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary continues to inspire writers and directors to produce numerous versions of the Passion of Christ. When you first received your part from Mark Best, you immediately began to imagine how you should act it out. Every year someone new plays Jesus and every year the parish sees a slightly different Jesus. The events are all the same, but each actor’s use of imagination comes out in their role. Peter, the leper, Pontius Pilot all adjust to the imaginations of the actors too. That’s why the parish never tires of watching it.


The Rosaries we donate to the 9th graders every year also require the use of imagination. Each person who prays it will meditate on different images for the identical events. We call them “Mysteries”. It’s not all that different from day dreaming in school. You all have a lot to do with the thoughts you allow in when you pray the Rosary. Just like in class, you invite visuals in that correspond with the topic you’re thinking about. Most of the Mysteries have graphic, colorful images and spiritual visuals that are easy to recall and reflect on. Learning this powerful prayer tool will prove to be invaluable to all of you later in life.


Sometimes your imagination can work against you. For example; WORRY is the unproductive use of imagination, yet we all let it get to us occasionally. Once again, we control the images we let in to our brains. The Rosary can calm you when your brain is racing over a test subject you don’t understand. It can soothe anger when things happen that you don’t like. It can comfort you when your heart is breaking. The intercession of your favorite angel, saint or even the Blessed Virgin will clear the way for the thoughts that come to you during your rosary.


Most adults get so caught up in life’s challenges; raising a family, climbing the corporate ladder, home and car repairs, paying loans or just driving every one to all their scheduled school, church and sports events, that they allow themselves to get too busy to pray the Rosary. It isn’t until something traumatic occurs when their brain shouts, “time out”. Maybe it’s a death of a friend or relative, an unexpected job change, a scary medical diagnosis, a divorce, any one of which can shut down all common sense systems. Very few adults turn to the Rosary during times of trouble. If they did, it almost always has a calming effect. The decades of Hail Mary’s drown out the sounds and images of whatever drama is at hand, even if it’s only for 20 minutes of sanity.


You HNOJ 9th graders all have an unfair advantage over most adults. Having a part in the Passion Play will stay with you your entire lives. The Sorrowful Mysteries will come alive for you with memories of your experience, recollection and involvement in the play. You are all part of a living miracle. Someone in the audience is going to feel a life changing spiritual conversion when they witness your group. It happens every year. You are all truly blessed to have crossed paths with Mark Best. By inviting you to act out a part, he gave you a priceless gift that will keep on giving.


Haven’t all of us at HNOJ been blessed for having crossed paths with Mark? The KC’s are sure glad he’s a member of our council. Thanks Mark

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