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Please enjoy these short videos about why it makes sense to join the Knights of Columbus.

Supreme Knight on Membership

Supreme Knight Carl Anderson talks to members about what the Knights of Columbus has to offer. 

  1. Who is eligible for membership?
    • Any Catholic male over 18 years of age, in good standing with the Church
  1. How much time must I commit?
    • You decide how involved you what to be. Throughout the year we sponsor four pancake breakfasts, a weekend of cinnamon rolls for Pro-Life, a tootsie roll drive for Special Olympics, Wednesday night dinners for Religious Education at HNOJ, and a number activities and events.  Volunteer to help on an event that is of intrest to you.
  1. How often do you have meetings?
    • Meeting are held monthly, Officers and committee chairmen meet the Sunday before the general meeting .
  1. What are the benefits of joining?
    • First and foremost, the parish of HNOJ benefits from your involvement in a hands-on organization that works closely with our priests on what ever they need us to do. The immediate benefit, to you, is a “death benefit” insurance coverage for all active KC’s at zero cost to the member. Additional insurance products are available for members and their families at fair market prices.
    • The KC’s have their own Non-Profit insurance company, with the highest possible ranking, that enables the KC’s to give over $130,000,000.00 each year to worthy Catholic causes, like; Special Olympics, Pro-life, scholarships and grants for Catholic education, missions, seminarians, third-world relief efforts, restoration of buildings in the Vatican and many more. The biggest benefactors to your joining are the many who need the KC’s help.
    • Last of all, you family benefits from the example you set by joining a Catholic, family oriented fraternity that helps worthy causes, locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.
  1. Is there a cost?
    • Our yearly dues amount to $30.00 every January

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