All Saint & All Souls Day Reflections


I was inspired by both, All Saints Day and All Souls Day readings and homilies, to gear the report towards appealing to all the various intercedents that we believe to be in Heaven, when we pray or meditate on a Rosary. Even the ones yet to be canonized. Many of my past friends, relatives and brother Knight’s came into full view for me. One of my favorite past articles, written and posted on our web site, is titled Gramma’s RosaryPlease take time to read and enjoy it.

As a child, I asked her why she prays alone in her living room. To which she assured me she never prays alone. She used to imagine herself in front of the alter of a giant cathedral, that she would fill up with intercessions, appeals and invites of everyone she believed to be in Heaven, until all the pews, alter presider plus side seats and choir lofts were full.

 Gentlemen, I recommend you never pray alone.

God Bless,

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