Lenten Seafood Event 2017 Summary and Appeal


Photos from 2017 Lenten Fish Fry
Courtesy of Emily Abe of Emily Abe Design

MEDINA, MN – The Good Samaritan Council of the Knights of Columbus have hosted the Annual Asian Seafood Buffet each year to help increase attendance for the various special needs orgs at HNOJ (like Hammer Residence and others) combined Stations of the Cross event (View Photos of this years event) There are Stations every Friday at HNOJ, but the one-time special needs event was less populated than the others. It was and continues to be a great fit for us to co-op with them and blends nicely with our affinity for Special Olympics. Many more attend now than what used to because of our event.

A special thanks to our KC member Marty Schlundt and his wife Lani for being the hosts of this year’s annual KC Lenten seafood buffet event, all of our brother Knights, the families of Holy Name and to Emily Abe of Emily Abe Designs for helping us take photos of the event which can be above.

When Davonne Yang moved to California, earlier this past year, we were in a quandary as to what would happen when it came time to host our event. Luckily, Lani (and friends) stepped up and chaired the event, possibly just for this one time. The big question is what will we do next year? This was our 10th year for the Asian theme and we’ve built a fairly good reputation with our local patronage. The feed-back was, “best ever egg rolls and two thumbs up on Greg’s tuna chow mein”. We also heard cake is preferred over pie. Any constructive comments or success stories of other Lenten events at other parishes would be greatly appreciated.

The HNOJ Lenten tradition we tried to create, was themed “Asian” for several reasons:

  • There are nearby parishes who host standard fish fry’s and we wanted to be different
  • Davonne Yang and Fr. Joe are both Asians and were gracious hosts
  • Asian food is popular and considered healthier than fried
  • The down side is:
  • it’s more labor intensive than traditional fish fry’s
  • it requires additional prep-time
  • we run into the events simultaneous with others; St. Anne’s in Hamel, Loretto, etc.


Though it’s possible Lani and Marty may Captain this one more year, we are extending an appeal to the ENTIRE membership for a co-captain couple of the seafood event. Because we appear to be low on Asian members, we may have to be open to a new direction. However, we should not be too hasty in giving up the “Asian brand” that we’ve created and are becoming famous for in the Western suburban area. If you are not as involved as you’re capable and do nothing else in the course of the KC calendar year, this could be your big contribution to the council. We desperately need an event captain for this one annual occurrence.

In recognizing the extra work that goes into prep, we’ve allocated extra expenses for next years budget to buy pre-shelled and de-veined shrimp for next year and we can buy cake, taking the labor out of the pie making.