Rosary for the “mildly disappointed


Bear with me, now, without getting offended. This is just a different angle of approaching the Rosary as a daily or frequent prayer meditation. Most normal Catholics wait until something dramatic happens, a bad medical diagnosis, a loss of loved one or property, then thrust themselves, headlong into a state of being totally overwhelmed before they turn to the Rosary for relief from their unfortunate situations. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, as the Rosary is responsible for more miracles than any other prayer format in the Roman Catholic Church. Please turn to it every time you’re in over your head on any important issue.

This writing is geared more for the person who replies, “Okay, I guess” when asked by their friends, “So….how’s it going?” Maybe they feel they could have been a better parent, a better Catholic, a better employee, more successful, more charitable, etc. They’re okay, but just mildly disappointed that things didn’t turn out as planned and are kind enough to hold any of that out of their response. Generally speaking, many folks are mildly disappointed in the overall economy or a wide variety of political dysfunctions that get highly publicized in news events that get spun in different directions, depending on what channel you tune into and watch. Though there might not be personal calamities, most people are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I just turned 61 this fall and reflected on what I am currently doing for a living. It isn’t at all what I thought I’d be doing, but I get by okay. I’m not rich (as the Schniderman’s commercial goes, “our furniture just looks that way”).  We live a moderate lifestyle in a modest Plymouth neighborhood, but we’re comfortable. Over the years of commissioned sales, I’ve had a few pulls at the proverbial brass ring and missed, but it was fun trying. I don’t have the Cessna aircraft or the motor coach I envisioned having by now from dreams years ago, but I now know that’s probably a good thing, as they are both notorious money pits for most. We couldn’t get the dream cabin, but we put the kids through two of the nation’s best colleges and have no regrets at all. I always hoped I’d do better, but, ya know, it is what it is and we’re going to be just fine in our retirement years, should we ever elect to wind it down in the upcoming years. Lots of folks are in similar positions.

The Rosary is about Hope, among many other things. Jesus didn’t have hope, He was Hope- for all of mankind. You don’t have to be hopeless to meditate or contemplate on a Rosary. It’s a nice little 20 minute break from daily stresses and it’s also a good new habit to create during this upcoming Lenten season as doing something different, instead of giving something up.

Those of you who may remember Fr. Arnie Weber, he used to challenge us to do something extra during Lent, instead of giving up something. Give it a try. Check out other articles relating to the Rosary on our website. Maybe something will jump out at you.

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