This is the first of nine intended monthly news articles related to different parishioners at HNOJ and their experiences with praying the Rosary. An appeal went out, last month, to inspire you to send us your personal Rosary story. Some of you responded with inspirational stories, some with miracles, both major and minor. Hopefully, one story may remind some people of another story worth sending to us for future use in the Bulletin or, better yet, remind you to begin your own daily, weekly, monthly Rosary regimen. All of this is written in honor of the 800th year anniversary of when the Blessed Virgin appeared to St. Dominick in 1208 and requested he teach the world how to pray the Rosary. The Rosary is one of the corner stones the Knights of Columbus is built on. We will attempt to carry a Rosary related article in each Bulletin through the month of May. The K of C website, will carry all the articles, if you miss one. There is still room for more, so don’t hesitate to send us something that inspires you. Send it to Marty Dehen


We’re leading off with a couple of “top 10” lists, as a result of a pole taken among the KC Council members. It’s not really a motivational story, but it may help beef up the response for future space. There will be a two-part theme story for November and December and our committee is juggling a couple of others. A surprise celebrity story is not out of the question, but more later.


The question was asked, “like Christ, where is your “Garden of Gethsemane, your wilderness or desert you go to pray when you want to be heard most?” Here are the top 10 answers:


  1. the Adoration Chapel
  2. the church
  3. walking on paths or in Malls
  4. with the family
  5. under the stars
  6. during the Cursillo weekends
  7. in a hunting blind or stand
  8. up North at our cabin
  9. in the car on the way to work
  10. in the cemetery


A second question was asked, “what is the number reason you pray the Rosary?


  1. meditation, for my own personal peace of mind
  2. for strength and unity as Catholics
  3. for worthy Pro-Life causes
  4. for pain, suffering personal issues too painful to talk about
  5. for world peace in so many warring nations
  6. in memoriam of lost loved ones
  7. for family members who are temporarily away in school or armed services
  8. for special needs children and families
  9. for disaster victims of all kinds
  10. for politicians to not loose site of who they truly represent

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