STAR council

We hear all this talk about Star council.  Who cares?  Well let me shed a little light on why you should care.  Star Council is the easiest way to see if a council is healthy and doing the work of Fr. McGivney.  So where to begin?  Membership, Programs, Insurance… Well first I will start with the Insurance.  Our program is by Brother Knights, For Brother Knights and their families.  Are you aware that your council, just our own little council has millions of dollars of insurance.  If something happens, our insured members will spouse, children, charities, the church itself will receive millions of dollars.  That money is real, it allows the family to continue on.  What happens when a Brother Knight dies.  Well a husband has been lost.  A child loses their father.  Our Council loses a friend.  Life Insurance suddenly becomes a real necessity.  It becomes real.  Consider the member who called me at the age of 85 and wants $375,000 of coverage and doesn’t want to pay premiums.  He is treating life insurance like a lottery ticket.  My next post.  Programs.

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