Sunburn and Life Insurance??

Sunburn and Life Insurance, how can you connect them?  Well thanks to my kids, I can.  Yesterday I went to my paternal annual cousin’s day.  We gather at my Aunt’s house on the lake near Chisago city.  I told my kids to put on sunscreen before hitting the water.  Nope, they are smarter than good old Dad.  Well I now have three kids look like lobsters.  Sound advice given and now after the damage is done, that advice makes sense.  But what confuses me…. this has happened before, and before and before.  This is not the first time they have refused to listen and then get burned.

The same thing happens with life insurance.  We know we need it (the sunblock), your agent says that you need it (the advice), the refusal and then the pain of the burn.  You suddenly need it.  But there is nothing you can do with the pain (the new price).    Your health has changed, you have gotten a decade or two older.  I did not think I needed life insurance beyond this age, etc, etc, etc…  Brothers your permanent life insurance is the a lifetime sunblock that will never fail you.  Everyone needs it.  We are all going to die, we just don’t know the day nor the hour.  Too often I get a phone call from Brother Knights who have received bad news from the Doctor and then want life insurance.  Don’t delay, put on some sunblock and buy some permanent KC life insurance.  You will be thankful after a hard life in the sun.

Vivat Jesus,

David Goedtke, Your humble Field Agent

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