Thank You from Lauri

Early last week our council received the following communication from a wife of one our council members and Director of Sacramental Preparation and Formation at Holy Name of Jesus. So we wanted to be sure and share it with all of our members and friends.
Hi Dave,
 Once again, this email is overdue. A very busy time of the year for the Church as you well know.
I want to thank you and your brother Knights, for your ongoing intentional service for this ministry area. The RCIA Brunch was again a wonderful success and much appreciated by the RCIA participants.
I feel very blessed by your continuous support of this important part of our Church’s hospitality.
In addition, I am overwhelmed by your generosity to cover the costs of the pancake breakfast, for our group, as well as always being there for us.  That is quite a gift, and please know that it doesn’t go unnoticed…(or unsung).
Once again, Thank you and the Council for your wonderful help.
God’s Blessings and generosity to you and your brother Knights,
Lauri Becker
Director of Sacramental Preparation and Formation
Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Community