A carload of high school students are heading down the State Hwy. to a high school sporting event. Behind the wheel is a young girl, whose parents gave her permission to drive the family minivan. Piled inside are her best friends and classmates. The radio station tees up the song, “Call me Maybe” and the shotgun passenger rider cranks it up as the whole car starts to flail their arms and rock-out to the video on u-tube. The girl behind the wheel is a responsible young driver, but also likes the song. Her driver-side tire encroaches the double yellow line, but she remains in her lane as they all sing at the top of their lungs.

Up ahead is a county plow truck, heading back to the garage in the opposite direction of the girls’ van. He’s been out all day getting ready for an approaching weather system. His driver-side tires are also riding the yellow lines, as he squeezes the thermos bottle between his knees, unscrews the top and places the cup in the dash cup holder, He notices the approaching passenger van, drifting, but is confident they will stay in their lane while at the same time watches the road and adjusts over. He’s very experienced and is pouring a thermos cap full of the remaining coffee left inside the jug while at the same time glancing back and forth from the road to the cup holder.

The girls’ side mirror misses the plow by about a foot and a woosh sound is made as the two vehicles pass by one another. In comparison, it’s about the same distance from the mirror to the side of your garage door when you slowly pull the car into your garage at night, but this incidence both vehicles are traveling 60 mph. The impact would be equivalent to hitting a brick wall at 120mph. However, the plow driver kills his coffee, not the girls. (You didn’t really think I’m cold enough to have one of Past Grand Knight, Jim Grube’s County plows, nail a carload of kids, did you?) That “woosh” happens all day every day on every undivided state highway in the country, but our built in blind faith allows us to drive without a care in the world. “I’ll stay in my lane, he’ll stay in his… no problem”. You know, very well, there’s oncoming traffic, but you believe it to be other safe drivers. The distance between your two mirrors is usually a few feet. Now where did I put my cell phone charger?

The blind faith it takes to be a Christian is that simple, too. We don’t need to complicate teachings and parables and miracles. We just believe it all happens the way the Bible tells us. Woosh!

Woosh! How can the kids be graduating already? It was just September.

Woosh! How can they be going to college? They were just going to kindergarten.

A little bit of blind faith goes a long way. I think it was described as the size of a mustard seed is enough to get you to heaven.

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