The Holy Spirit

MN State Convention
MN State Convention

I’ve tried writing this post five or six times.  We, my Brothers, serve an AWESOME GOD!  I have spend the last few days surrounded by the Holy Spirit, once again the Spirit has filled my soul and nourished me.  I feel like a dixie cup at Niagra Falls.  Truly my cup is runneth over.  Where do I begin; my weekend started with my being involved in the Honor Guard for Archbishop Hebda’s installation.  If you were there you will understand when I say the Holy Spirit filled the Cathedral.  The next morning, I attended our MN annual KC council meeting (that’s what the convention is) and Fr. Perez-Cobo started the mass with Jesus Christ is Risen; we were to respond with Alleluia, Alleluia.  Early on, it sounded as if we were in a fog.  By the end of the mass, after being fed by Jesus with His Body and Blood, I wish you could have heard the Alleluia, Alleluia!  I thought instantly of the Easter Exsultet, let these holy building shake with joy.   The words of the faithful praise our God was so beautiful.  Through out the day I saw old friends, meet new people, heard of the incredible works that our Order has/is and will do.  Guys, it is impossible for me to write how much we serve each other, our Families, our communities.  Brothers we are a force of good in this world.

Enjoying pancakes at the best council in the state with my family

I followed it up on Sunday, the Feast of Pentecost, enjoying pancakes with the best council in the state (watch out Lino Lakes, that will be another post), spending time with my family and then ending the day finally watching the movie God’s Not Dead with my wife.  Again I am humbled to see how people either deny or reject this Awesome God we serve.  Brothers, the Holy Spirit is alive and well within our council.  We accomplish nothing without the Spirit.  It is the Holy Spirit that we need to come into us, our families, our community and after he comes into our lives; Get out of the way and just let go and let God, let go and let Jesus, let go and let the Holy Spirit fill us like the Dixie cup at Niagara Falls.

Vivat Jesus,

David Novack

Your humble Field Agent