Your Field Agent’s first attempt

Jason, asked for some help.  So I’m hoping I’m doing this right.

No one likes paying their premiums.  Who wants to spend money when their is a mortgage to pay, food to put on the table, children’s education to pay for, car payments; the list goes on and on.  But what is the lesson of the empty tomb!  Jesus became the new covenant with God.  Jesus Christ became the Paschal Lamb.  It is HIS blood on the wood of the cross that paid the premium.  He, Christ paid the premium for our salvation.

But what is His death without Easter?  If we don’t have the empty tomb what do we have, a man who paid a price but with nothing else. There is nothing.   It is the miracle of Easter, where we receive the joy.  It is the miracle of Easter where we fully receive His love.  It is after his death that we receive the fullness of His gift.

Brothers, I would say this…. life insurance is a gift that we give to our loved ones.  It is after our death that they receive an incredible gift.

The Tomb is empty!  He is Risen!!