Good of The Order

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Pray That I Will Overcome Adversity Evil HardShips In My Life Poor Souls In Purgatory Prayer In Schools More People Praying The Rosary That I Will Diligently Keep The Ten Commandments Practice Charity Forgiveness Love Toward My Neighbors That Troublesome People In My Surroundings My Life My Home Will Be Converted Blessed Renewed Reconciled To The Lord All My Priest Friends For The Holy Father
please pray that I am given a healing cup from Jesus and restore my soul and kill the brain and skin cancer cells and send the enemy away and stop Alzheimer's disease and stop the abduction and murder by the evil spirit of a killer and SAVE Jhana Maya Bradshaw and Viola Cleo Bradshaw and Shannon Nicoletta Rogers and help my name be imprinted in my mind so the killer dies. Dr. Magdalena Angelica Lovejoy
Kindly pray for me and my family that God will have mercy, protect, deliver me and my family from these evil demonic people Temitope Kehinde Adebiyi Ogunyemi, her mother Oluyemi Adebiyi, Opeyemi Kehinde-Adebiyi and all their associates extorting us, bullying us and tormenting our lives
Pray that my Home Life Health will be Blessed by the Lord Good Homes for Extra Animals Poor Souls in Purgatory Forgiveness of Enemies All my Priest Friends For the Holy Father More People praying the Rosary Prayer in Schools More Priests and Nuns Vocations That I will Prevail over the Wickedness of the World the Uncleanness of Flesh the Cunning of the Devil Everyone who I meet at Church and in my Everyday Travels
Healing if my family our jobs good friends Thank you so very much
That I Alexander Chung, MIC would be like another St. Paul the Apostle and in the way God desires it, so that I, Alexander Chung, MIC, be always abundantly, ceaselessly, powerfully, and unfailingly graced to always unfailingly live in Jesus’ Truth, Will, and Love, so that I always unfailingly live God’s Will and the Faith in my life, always unfailingly in and out of season, and always unfailingly in my thoughts, words, and deed, so I keep getting up and persevere in His love.
That I, Brother Alexander Chung, MIC receive the Holy Spirit to the full and overflowing now and forever, be graced with the gifts of wisdom, fortitude, perseverance and final perseverance, patience, humility, prayer, counsel, healing prayer, prayerful counsel, faith, hope, trust, simplicity, clarity, and charity, and be graced to always live in Jesus' Truth, Will and Love, and be graced to always be Jesus' little willing instrument and little faithful, suffering, obedient, and loving servant, and through Jesus, Mary, and Joseph that Mother Mary always helps me to keep getting up again after I fall so I continue to follow her Son and our Savior, Jesus.
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