Dan’s shelving for donated goods
Helping out at the School Marathon
“Jesus is the Best Gift” bracelets to K-6 HNOJ School
Working the Knight’s Famous Grill
Another Short of Knights at the Grill
Grand Knight Dave Presenting Coats to IOCP
Fr. Andrew and 4th Degree Guard at the Council’s Memorial to the Unborn
GK Swing Presenting Wheel Chair to Ascension School
Lecturer Marty Dehen Giving his Rosary Speech before Passion Play Actors
Having Fun during Tootsie Roll Sunday

… and so many other activities.  Here’s the short list:

  • Parking attendants at Christmas Eve Mass.
  • Several thousands in scholarships to seminarians.
  • Painting of the sacristy and the Good Samaritan Center.
  • Hosting of the KC Marian icon and Marion service.
  • KC brunch and Easter Vigil receptions for the RCIA candidates.
  • HNOJ Cemetery Spring clean-up.
  • Annual Donation of coats to Interfaith Outreach & Community Partners.
  • Participation in IOCP Discipleship Fire program and associated $350 donation.
  • Wheelchair donation to Ascension Parish.
  • Construction of storage shelving.
  • Tootsie roll drive with thousands going to special needs.
  • KC grill and food booth at HNOJ Fall Fest.
  • Kid’s “Dragon Train” at Fall Fest.
  • 24+ Annual Wednesday evening “Faith Formation Fine Dining” events.
  • Lenten Asian Seafood Buffets.
  • Rosary for the Unborn at the site of the Memorial to the Unborn.
  • Thousands of dollars in donations to pro-life organizations.
  • Donations to HNOJ School, i.e. “Jesus is the Best Gift” bracelets to K-6.
  • Donation of rosaries and speeches to passion play actors & Confirmation students.
  • Special Olympics Fall Classic Bowling.
  • Local and District KC Free Throw Championships.
  • Several other miscellaneous service activities.