Knights of Columbus Council Meeting Minutes of February 12, 2019

  1.   The February 12, 2019 Council meeting was called to order at 7:37 PM by Grand Knight Rode
  2. Warden’s Report on Membership Cards by Tom Murphy
  3. Opening Prayer offered by Grand Knight Rode
  4. Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag
  5. Roll Call of Officers
Office Name Present (P)
Chaplain             Vacant                  
Grand Knight            John Rode      P
Dep.Grand Knight   Eugene Dust       P
Chancellor           Tom Murphy          P
Recorder      Jim Grube  P
Fin. Secretary     Ed Hagerty     P
Treasurer Mark Mertens      P
Lecturer    Marty Dehen P
Advocate     Tom Silver         P
Warden    Dan Cincoski   A
Inside Guard   Jose Rodriguez-Belerrari    A
Outside Guard Pat Karn       P (8:33 PM)
Trustee 3 Year Dave Stumpf   P
Trustee 2 Year    Bill Swing      A
Trustee 1 Year        Earl Forrence     A
Present:   10    Absent:  4


  1. Non-Officer Council Members in Attendance (10 members present for votes):
  2. Knights of Columbus Guests:
  3. Opening Ode: The Council elected to dispense with the opening ode.
  4. Chaplain’s Report: None
  5. Reading of Minutes of Previous Meeting: With a correction to 25. New Business #8 – Council Credit Card, where it was noted the card is actually a debit card, the Council approved the record of the Council finances and actions of the January 8, 2019 General Membership meeting.
  6. Report of Admission Committee and Reading of Applications: No report
  7. Balloting for Membership (new, readmission. reapplications, transfers): No action was taken.
  8. Initiations: None
  9. Grand Knight’s Report: Refer to items #23, #24 and #27.
  10. Treasurer’s Report: The Council account balance was $4,513.38 as of February 12, 2019.  Motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report was approved.
  11. Financial Secretary’s Report:  Total Receipts reported for the period: $1,790.00     (2 batches); Total Disbursements reported for the period:  $1,648.58 (5 vouchers:  $200.00, $491.71, $368.98, $100.00 and $487.89). Financial Secretary Hagerty also noted that the semi-annual audit has been completed and is ready for Trustee review/approval.  Motion to accept the Financial Secretary’s report was approved.

Motion to pay the Council bills was approved.

  1. Grand Knight Reading of Treasurer’s Receipts, Financial Secretary Vouchers for Deposit – See Financial Secretary’s Report, #16 above. Grand Knight Rode requested that Financial Secretary Hagerty get in touch with the Holy Name School and get recognition for the $100.00 gift the Council will be giving the School to assist in its fund raising.
  2. Report of Auditors and Trustees – No report
  3. Chancellor’s Report on Vocations – No report
  4. Service Program Committee Reports
  • Program Director:  Dave Stumpf – No report
  • Faith Director:  Earl Forrence – No report
  • Vocations Chairman:  Tom Silver – No report
  • Community Director:  Chris Kostelc – No report
  • Life Director:  Pat Karn – No report
  • Health Servcies; Dr. Stephen Johnson – No report
  • Public Relations: Matt Mamura – No report
  • Family Director:  Jim Grube – No report
  • Membership Director: John Rode – No report                                                                                     Recruitment Committee 1: Dan Cincoski – No report                                                                   Recruitment Committee 2: Dave Stumpf – No report                                                              Recruitment Committee 3: Mark Mertens – No report
  • Retention Committee: Ed Hagerty reported approximately 47 members have not yet paid their 2019 dues. He will be sending out a reminder to them in February.
  • Insurance Promotion: Tom Murphy – No report
  • Chaplain: Not assigned
  • Lecturer: Marty Dehen – No report
  1. Report of the Round Table Chairman – Not applicable
  2. Report of Standing Committees – No report
  3. Unfinished Business
    1. Growing the Order – Grand Knight Rode advised the Council  that the meeting regarding adding to the Council membership will be at his home on February 19th at 7:00 PM. Grand Knight Rode will invite our Field Agent, John Egan. Finally, all members were asked to review the spreadsheet that had been distributed earlier and add any names that come to mind. In response Marty Dehen noted that Mike Kelly’s sons are now of age and would make good KC’s. Tom Silver noted that Shane and Olivia Haggerty have moved into the Parish, that Shane was a Knight approximately 15 years ago, and although he has been inactive, he appears ready to renew his role in the Knights.
  1. First Degree Exemplification – Grand Knight Rode reminded the Council that the next exemplification is scheduled for April 9th. Tom Murphy is to coordinate the ceremony, with Wyatt Kern a possible candidate for exemplification. Refer to the District Deputy Report, #27, for other exemplification dates and times.
  1. Annual survey – Grand Knight Rode reported that the annual report of member participation was completed and submitted by the January 31, 2019 due date.
  1. Cinnamon roll sale – Tom Silver reported that the weekend sale had a gross receipt of approximately $5,000.00 and a net profit of approximately $4,100.00. Tom also reported that six organizations will each receive $650.00 as a result of the sale. In addition, Tom noted that Josh Phinney, a manager at Hy-Vee grocery store, provided a price break for the rolls and frosting. Finally, Tom reported that Melissa Eckhert has expressed willingness to co-coordinate the cinnamon roll sale in the future – now a co-coordinator is needed to work with Melissa.
  1. New Business
    1. Website meeting – Grand Knight Rode indicated he intends to hold a meeting regarding the status of the Council’s website in late March, when Bill Swing is available. Grand Knight Rode noted we need to get volunteers who have experience with website work to help maintain the site and assist in our marketing endeavors.
  1. Jim Campbell Religious Fund – Grand Knight Rode advised that the Council will need to give $250.00 to the fund to be eligible for the Columbian Award. Motion to pledge $1.00 on behalf of each member of the Council was approved.
  1. Pennies for Seminarians Fund – Grand Knight Rode advised that the Council will need to give $250.00 to the fund to be eligible for the Columbian Award. Motion to pledge $1.00 on behalf of each member of the Council was approved.
  1. 137th Knights of Columbus Supreme Convention – Grand Knight Rode reminded the Council that the Supreme Convention is to be held in Minneapolis in 2019, and that volunteers are needed to assist in the handling of the convention. He noted that 800 volunteers are needed, with the majority needed to provide transportation for the many Bishops that will be present. Refer to the District Deputy Report, #27, for more details.
  1. Big/Small Dinner – Jim Grube reported that the next Big/Small Dinner is scheduled for February 26. Jim advised that 6 to 8 Knights are needed to help serve the dinner and that they are to report at 5:15. Jim will contact those who have helped in the past to see who would be able to assist.
  2. March 10 pancake and RCIA breakfast – Grand Knight Rode advised he has heard from Linda Corrigan that 45 to 50 RCIA candidates and family will be participating in their special breakfast. Tom Silver reported he will be unable to attend and coordinate the pancake breakfast and asked the Council members to work together to make the breakfast a success.
  3. Sunday hospitality – Tom Silver reported he has been advised that the Sunday 10:30 hospitality slots for March 3rd and 31st, and May 12th are currently unfilled. Grand Knight Rode exercised his authority as leader of the Council and directed Tom to advise the hospitality coordinator that the Council will fill the March 3rd 10:30 hospitality slot.
  4. Seafood buffet – The seafood buffet is scheduled for March 22, with Dave Stumpf and Davone Yang serving as coordinators. It was reported that Beth Dust will take the lead in coordinating the help of the Auxiliary. Motion to make $500.00 available for the purchase of the food, etc. was approved.

25. Report of the Fourth Degree – Eugene Dust reported the Sweetheart Dance occurred Sunday, February 10th. In addition, Eugene noted the spring exemplification will occur in Bloomington, May 3-5.

26. Field Agent’s Report – John Egan is the Council’s Field Agent. John’s contact information is: email – [email protected] cell phone – 763-234-1477 and address – 8920 100th Avenue North, Maple Grove, MN 55322

27. District Deputy’s Report: District Deputy Swing submitted a written report for February, 2019. Following are the subjects addressed in his report.

  1. Recruitment – District Deputy Swing noted that Supreme will build a custom Prospect Landing Page for each council that can be used on a phone, tablet or computer. The site may be accessed when talking to prospective members, and their information can be entered into the site. In a matter of seconds the prospective members will receive a personalized email from the Grand Knight of the council.

There is now an on-line application for prospective members at:

Finally, either a representative of the State Council or the Regional Director, Keith Heitkamp (612-819-8272) are available to help where needed.

  1. New Hispanic Council forming in Long Lake – Anyone interested in learning more about the new K of C council being formed at St. George in Long Lake are encouraged to contact Latino Ministry Coordinator Melba Reyes at 612-296-7584. Approximately 12 Hispanic men at St. George are hoping to reach the required 20 members to charter the council.

It was noted that St. George’s has a vibrant Hispanic community which celebrates Mass in Spanish every Sunday at 5:00 PM.

  1. Feed my starving children – Fr. George Council is sponsoring a “Feed My Starving Children” packing session Saturday, March 23rd from 9:00 to 11:00 AM at the Chanhassen facility. The event is open to all councils, family and friends.
  2. 1st Degree schedule – The schedule is:
    1. Loretto – Thursday, February 21st – 6:00 PM
    2. Long Lake – Thursday, March 7th – 6:00 PM
    3. Medina – Tuesday, April 9th – 6:00 PM
    4. Golden Valley – Tuesday, May 14th -6:00 PM
  3. Major Degree Exemplification schedule – The schedule is as follows:                                                 February 9, 2019 – St. John Vianney, St. Paul, with 1st Degree at Noon, 2nd Degree at 1:00 PM and 3rd Degree following

February 23, 2019 – St. Timothy, Blaine, with 1st Degree at 9:00 AM, 2nd Degree at 10:00 AM and 3rd Degree following

  1. Free throw competition – The Wayzata Council had 22 participants and the Golden Valley Council had 13 participants. The District competition is scheduled for February 3rd at the Good Shepherd School gym. Winners of the District competition will advance to the Regional competition on February 9th at the St. Vincent de Paul School gym in Brooklyn Park. The State competition will be held on March 30th at the Cathedral High School Gym in St. Cloud.
  2. Supreme Convention – A signup genious link will soon be available through the State Council website for volunteers to sign up to help. Information on the upcoming convention may be read at:
  1. Faith in Action – District Deputy Swing provided the following Faith in Action explanation;
  2. Good of the Order:
  • Christopher “Kip” Walker and wife Susan
  • Dick and Mary Alice Hargarten
  • Jerry and Joanne Sisk
  • George Laurance
  • Tom Silver
  • Earl Forrence
  • Kim Mertens (Mark Mertens’ wife)
  • Paul Silver (Tom Silver’s brother)
  • Bill Rudolph
  • Davone Yang and his family
  • David Novack and his family
  • Rita Ward (Marty Dehen’s mother) on her passing
  • Father Steve and Father Evans
  • Those suffering from the effects of natural disasters
  • Those preparing for marriage
  • Those in troubled marriages
  • The unborn and pro-life
  • Prayers of thanks for Pope Francis
  • All Bishops, Priests and Religious
  • The unemployed and those seeking work
  • Troubled youth
  • In thanksgiving for prayers answered
  • For all Brother Knights and their families in need of our prayers
  • Candidates for vocations
  • Police officers
  • Armed Forces
  • All 1st responders
  1. Closing Prayer: The closing prayers were offered at 8:49 PM.
  2. Closing Ode: The Council dispensed with the closing ode.
  3. Meeting Adjourned: The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 PM.

Closing Reminders:                                                                                                                                                       Growing the Order meeting – February 19 at 7:00 PM at John Rode’s home Big/Small Dinner – February 26                                                                                                                                                Pancake breakfast – March 10

Respectfully submitted,

Jim Grube, Recording Secretary

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