Knights of Columbus Council Meeting Minutes of July 10, 2018

1.   The July 10, 2018 Council meeting was called to order at 7:36 PM by Grand Knight Rode

2.  Warden’s Report on Membership Cards by Dan Cincoski

3.  Opening Prayer offered by Grand Knight Rode

4.  Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag

5.  Roll Call of Officers

Office              Name                   Pres            Office                         Name                    Pres  

Chaplain         Vacant                Vac           Advocate            Tom Silver                 P    

Grand Knight   John Rode       P             Warden                Dan Cincoski            P

 Dep.Grand      Eugene  Dust  A             Inside                    Jose                             A                Knight                                                                  Guard            Rodriguez-Belerrari                 

Chancellor     Tom Murphy     P             Outside Guard     Pat Karn                  A

Recorder        Jim Grube            P             Trustee 3 Year     Dave Stumpf      P  

Financial         Ed Hagerty        P              Trustee 2  Year Bill Swing                 A   Secretary

Treasurer      Mark Mertens  P              Trustee 1 Year    Earl Forrence       A

Lecturer         Marty Dehen     A

Present:  8     Absent:  6

6.  Non-Officer Council Members in Attendance (  9 members present for votes):  Murray Wolf

7.  Knights of Columbus Guests: 

8.  Opening Ode:  The Council dispensed with the opening ode.

9.  Chaplain’s Report:  None

10.  Reading of Minutes of Previous Meeting:  The record of the Council finances and actions of the June 12, 2018 General Membership meeting was approved. 

11.  Report of Admission Committee and Reading of Applications: 

12.  Balloting for Membership (new, readmission. reapplications, transfers): 

13.  Initiations:

14.  Grand Knight’s Report:  

15.  Treasurer’s Report:  The Council account balance was $7,307.05 as of July 10, 2018.  Motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report was approved.

16.  Financial Secretary’s Report:  Total Receipts reported for the period:  $65.00 (1 batch).  Total Disbursements reported for the period:  $ 1,363.50(4 Vouchers – $500.00, $500.00, $20.00 and $343.50).  Motion to accept the Financial Secretary’s report was approved.

Motion to pay the Council bills was approved

17.  Grand Knight Reading of Treasurer’s Receipts, Financial Secretary Vouchers for Deposit – See Financial Secretary’s Report #16 above.

18.  Report of Auditors and Trustees

19.  Chancellor’s Report on Vocations – No report

20.  Service Program Committee Reports

Program Director:  Dave Stumpf – No report

Church Director:  Earl Forrence – No report

Vocations:  Tom Silver – No report

Council Service Director:  Vacant – No report

Culture of Life Director:  Unassigned – No report

Public Relations:  Unassigned – No report                                                 Communications Subcommittee:  Matt Mamura

Family Service Director:  Jim Grube – No report

Youth Activity Director:  John Rode – No report

Membership:  Dan Cincoski –  No report

Recruitment:  John Rode – No report

Retention:  Financial Secretary Hagerty reported that 9 members still have dues outstanding.

Lecturer:  Marty Dehen – No report

HNOJ Life Commission – No report

21.  Report of the Round Table Chairman – Not applicable

22.  Report of Standing Committees – Not applicable

23.  Unfinished Business

HNOJ rummage sale update – Although no Council member present was aware of the gross profit experienced by the Parish, it was speculated that the profit was in the range of $14,000.  This compares to previous years’ profits of approximately $18,000.  It was observed that there was an absence of large furniture this year.

Columbian Award application – Grand Knight Rode reported that the application was submitted in late June, and that he was confident the Council would be an award recipient.

District 53 meeting – Grand Knight Rode reported that the next District 53 meeting is to be held July 12 at 7:00 PM in the Fireside Room at Holy Name.

4  Food shelf financial support – Motion to provide $700.00 to the Interfaith Outreach food shelf and to provide $500.00 to the West Tonka food shelf was approved.

24. New Business

Elevate Life presentation – Murray Wolf made a brief presentation on  the Elevate Life program to the Council.  This is the new name for the former Total LifeCare Centers program that started in 1974 after the Supreme Court ruled on Roe v. Wade.  Murray reported that Elevate Life supports 33 affiliate locations across the state.  Elevate Life brings staff of the affiliates together for training and overall support.  They provide a master website from which the affiliates are provided links to their websites, together with overall marketing and grant distribution to write down affiliate costs.  The program receives time donations from lawyers for legal services and receive professional assistance from doctors and nurses who also donate time.

Murray reported the program is sponsoring its 32nd annual golf tournament at Crystal Lake Golf Club in Lakeville on August 6.  Murray asked the Council to consider sponsoring a hole at the tournament for $250.00.  Motion to sponsor a hole at the 32nd annual Elevate Life golf tournament for $250.00 was approved.

Officer meeting – Grand Knight Rode advised that he would like to have an officer meeting to review the schedule for the fraternal year.  It was agreed the meeting will occur July 24 at 7:00 PM at Lund’s.

Meeting with Father Steve – Grand Knight Rode reported that Bill Swing met with Father Steve.  One calendar item that was not resolved was the date for the 2019 District 53 officer installation.  Insofar as Father Steve directed our attention to July as a possible time of the installation, the Council decided to set aside July 11, 2019.

Fall Festival update – Dan Cincoski reported he had no update of significance since his last report.

RSVP thank you note – Tom Silver reported the Council received a thank you note from Deacon Louis Floeder for the $500.00 financial support we provided through the RSVP program.  Tom also noted that Deacon Floeder has a younger brother in the Seminary.

25.  Report of the Fourth Degree –  Dan Cincoski reported the next Fourth Degree Exemplification will be  July 28 at St. Vincent Parish in Brooklyn Park.  The cost of the meal, etc. is $55.00.  Dave Stumpf and Tom Murphy indicated they would both be attending the exemplification to enter the fourth degree.

26.  Field Agent’s Report – John Egan is the new District 53 Field Agent.  John’s contact information is:  email – [email protected] cell phone – 763-234-1477 and address – 8920 100th Avenue North, Maple Grove, MN 55322.

27.  District Deputy’s Report – District Deputy Bill Swing had issued a written report earlier.  Issues addressed in the report were:

District 53 officer installation – Congratulations to all newly installed officers, and may the Holy Spirit guide them during the fraternal year.  District Deputy Swing also attached a copy of a thank you card sent to Fr. Andrie, of St. Therese Parish, on behalf of the District 53 Councils.  The Good Shepherd Council gave a $100 stipend to Father Andrie, which was not in the Council’s budget.

Holy Family Prayer Program and Icon – The Icon has been in the District since May 5th and has now been returned to the State Program Chair.

District 53 meeting – The meeting is to be held in the Fireside Room at Holy Name at 7:00 PM July 12.  District Deputy Swing asked that agenda items get to him before the meeting.

District Deputy Swing will be attending the Wayzata Council meeting on July 9 and the Golden Valley Council meeting on July 10.

Service Program Personnel Report – The report is due August 1.

Faith in Action – This is a new Program Service Model, replacing the Surge with Service Model.

Metro Area Major Degree – On August 20 at the Transfiguration Church in Oakdale, with 1st Degree at 5:30 PM, 2nd Degree at 6:30 PM and 3rd Degree following thereafter.

28.  Good of the Order:

The family of Ed Ayd on his passing

Christopher “Kip” Walker and wife Susan

Dick and Mary Alice Hargarten

Jerry Sisk

George Laurance

Tom Silver

Earl Forrence

Dave Stumpf

Dave Brinza

Paul Silver (Tom Silver’s brother)

Bill Rudolph

John Egan as he begins his new role as the District Field Agent and for John’s family as they await the safe return of their son from deployment in Afghanistan

Davone Yang and family

Father Steve

For those of the St. Paul Seminary as they continue their search for a new Rector for the Seminary

Supreme Court Justice Nominee Brett Kavanaugh

Those suffering from the effects of natural disasters

Those victims and survivors of mass shooting incidents

Those preparing for marriage

Those in troubled marriages

The unborn and pro-life

Prayers of thanks for Pope Francis

All Bishops, Priests and Religious

The unemployed and those seeking work

Troubled youth

In thanksgiving for prayers answered

For all Brother Knights and their families in need of our prayers

Candidates for vocations

Police Officers

Armed Forces

All 1st responders

29.  Closing Prayer:  The closing prayers were offered at 8:43 PM.

30.  Closing Ode:  The Council dispensed with the closing ode.

31.  Meeting Adjourned:  The meeting was adjourned at 8:44 PM.

Closing Reminders: 

District 53 officer meeting – July 12

Officer meeting to review fraternal year schedule – July 24

Fourth Degree exemplification – July 28

Respectfully submitted,

Jim Grube

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