Knights of Columbus Council Meeting Minutes of October 9, 2018

1.   The October 9, 2018 Council meeting was called to order at 7:35 PM by Grand Knight Rode

2.  Warden’s Report on Membership Cards by Dan Cincoski

3.  Opening Prayer offered by Grand Knight Rode

4.  Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag

5.  Roll Call of Officers

Office              Name                   Pres            Office                         Name                    Pres  

Chaplain         Vacant                Vac           Advocate            Tom Silver                 P    

Grand Knight   John Rode       P             Warden                Dan Cincoski            P

 Dep.Grand      Eugene  Dust  P             Inside                    Jose                             A                Knight                                                                  Guard            Rodriguez-Belerrari                 

Chancellor     Tom Murphy     P             Outside Guard     Pat Karn                  A

Recorder        Jim Grube            P             Trustee 3 Year     Dave Stumpf      P  

Financial         Ed Hagerty        P              Trustee 2  Year Bill Swing                 P   Secretary

Treasurer      Mark Mertens  P              Trustee 1 Year    Earl Forrence       P

Lecturer         Marty Dehen     A

Present:  11     Absent:  3

6.  Non-Officer Council Members in Attendance (11 members present for votes): 

7.  Knights of Columbus Guests:  Bill Swing also attended in his role as District #53 Deputy

8.  Opening Ode:  The Council dispensed with the opening ode.

9.  Chaplain’s Report:  None

10.  Reading of Minutes of Previous Meeting:  The record of the Council finances and actions of the August 14, 2018 General Membership meeting was approved. 

11.  Report of Admission Committee and Reading of Applications:  No report

12.  Balloting for Membership (new, readmission. reapplications, transfers):  None

13.  Initiations:  None

14.  Grand Knight’s Report:  Refer to #23, #24 and #27

15.  Treasurer’s Report:  The Council account balance was $5,742.29 as of October 9, 2018.  Motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report was approved.

16.  Financial Secretary’s Report:  Total Receipts reported for the period:  $1,683.50 (1 batch).  Total Disbursements reported for the period:  $513.93 (1 Voucher – $513.93).  Motion to accept the Financial Secretary’s report was approved.

Motion to pay the Council bills was approved

17.  Grand Knight Reading of Treasurer’s Receipts, Financial Secretary Vouchers for Deposit – See Financial Secretary’s Report #16 above.

18.  Report of Auditors and Trustees – No report

19.  Chancellor’s Report on Vocations – No report

20.  Service Program Committee Reports

Noted:  The following are newly named positions fashioned to coincide with the new “Faith in Action” motto of the Knights of Columbus – effective July 1st 2018.

  • Program Director:  Dave Stumpf – No report
  • Faith Director:  Earl Forrence – No report
  • Vocations Chairman: Tom Silver reminded the Council that Priesthood Sunday is October 28th.
  • Community Director:  Chris Kostelc – No report
  • Life Director: Pat Karn – No report.
  • Health Services: Dr Stephen Johnson – No report
  • Public Relations: Matt Mamura – No report
  • Family Director: Jim Grube – No report.
  • Membership Director: John Rode – No Report.
  • Recruitment Committee 1:  Dan Cincoski – No report
  • Recruitment Committee  2: Dave Stumpf – No report.
  • Recruitment Committee 3: Mark Mertens – No report.
  • Retention Chairman: Ed Hagerty – Ed reported there are seven Knights who have yet to pay their 2018 dues.
  • Insurance Promotion: Tom Murphy – No report.
  • Chaplain: Unassigned
  • Lecturer:  Marty Dehen – No report

21.  Report of the Round Table Chairman – Not applicable

22.  Report of Standing Committees

HNOJ Life Commission – No report.

23.  Unfinished Business

Pancake breakfast recap – Tom Silver reported that gross receipts for the breakfast were approximately $1,393, but with somewhat higher expenses that normally occur with the first breakfast of the season, the net was approximately $879.

Tom noted that the number of helpers was barely adequate, but as always things got done.  We served approximately 120 after the 8:30 AM Mass and 75-80 after the 10:30 AM Mass.  It was noted that the breakfast had not been advertised during the “60 Seconds to Connect” the previous week.  Apparently Father Evans mentioned the breakfast at the 8:30 Mass, but is wasn’t known if Father Steve did so at the 10:30 Mass.  It was agreed we should have broader advertisement of the breakfast, perhaps having flyers made for distribution among the neighboring Parishes, and Parish groups, and have an advertisement in “The Spirit”.

During discussion regarding the gross receipts attention turned to the $200 the Parish had given the Council in reimbursement of its costs incurred in the RCIA breakfast last fraternal year.  Motion to combine the $200 with the amount to be distributed from the breakfast to pro-life causes was approved.  It was noted that in prior years the Council had distributed approximately $1,700 (two years ago) and approximately $1,500 (last year) to pro-life causes.

Big/Small Dinner – Jim Grube reported that the October 4th event went well and that seven Knights served the adults and children.  There is some confusion as to the actual timing of the next dinner, as the preliminary Parish calendar has the event on October 25th, with future events scheduled for February 26th, April 25th and May 2nd.  Jim will coordinate with Nate.

3  Coats for Kids – Financial Secretary Ed Hagerty reported that the coats had been ordered.

4  Special Olympics Bowling sign-up – Grand Knight Rode referred to District Deputy Swing.  This is covered further in the District Deputy report.

24. New Business

Calendar date reconciliation – Grand Knight Rode mentioned that the preliminary Parish calendar and the final calendar have a number of discrepancies that necessitate reconciliation:

The February 17th pancake breakfast may not occur because the Boy Scout pancake breakfast is to occur February 2nd making them too close to one another.  We do have breakfasts scheduled for March 10th and April 7th, so we will look at the possibility of May 19 as the replacement for February 17th.

The April 28/29 Tootsie Roll Sale conflicts with Divine Mercy Sunday and must be rescheduled.  With Palm Sunday on April 14th and Easter on April 21st, the only real option is May 4/5.

District #53 Officer installation – Holy Name is to sponsor the installation and the previously scheduled July 12th date is now being moved to Thursday, July 11 because of an undisclosed conflict.

2  Habitat for Humanity – Refer to District Deputy Swing’s report, #27 below.

25.  Report of the Fourth Degree –  Dan Cincoski reported that the fall exemplification will occur October 26/27 at the Hampton Inn in Lino Lakes.  Dan reported that first through third degree exemplification will occur on October 26.  The fourth degree exemplification will begin at noon on October 27.  Registration cost is $70 for candidates, and $35 for spouses, which includes the dinner after the exemplification.  John Rode indicated he intends to go through the exemplification.  Dan also reported the spring exemplification will occur in Bloomington.

26.  Field Agent’s Report – John Egan is the new District 53 Field Agent.  John’s contact information is:  email – [email protected] cell phone – 763-234-1477 and address – 8920 100th Avenue North, Maple Grove, MN 55322.

27.  District Deputy’s Report – District Deputy Bill Swing gave KC hats to Dan Cincoski and Dave Stumpf, as was announced at last May’s State Convention.  Dan, Dave and Tom Lee (who will receive his later) were awarded hats for their membership efforts.  District Deputy Swing had issued a written report earlier.  Issues addressed in the report were:

1.  Membership – District Deputy Swing offered to have someone from the State Council who is knowledgeable on how successful councils grow their membership attend our Council meeting.  District Deputy Swing noted that St. George’s Council of Long Lake has been working hard in the membership area.

2.  Our Lady Help of Persecuted Christians Icon – The State Council has delivered the icon, one of seven being circulated across the state, to the District for residence among the councils on a rotational basis.  The icon is intended to raise awareness of the plight of Christians persecuted for their faith.  The icon is to reside in Holy Name December 10 through December 20.

3. Special Olympics bowling tournament – The Special Olympics bowling tournament will be held December 1st at Bowlero Bowling Center, 7545 Brooklyn Boulevard, Brooklyn Park.  The Districts’ service time is 10:00 AM to 3:30 PM.  The registration link for volunteers is available through September 24th, and thereafter it was opened up to the public.  It was noted the Davone Yang had volunteered for the event.

4.  First Degree and Major Degree  schedules – Our Council will sponsor a First Degree Exemplification November 13 at 6:00 PM.  District Deputy Swing noted that it is now time for the District to host a major degree exemplification and seeks a council to volunteer to host the event.

Major degrees include:  Mary Mother of the Church in Burnsville – First Degree Exemplification December 1 at 9:00 AM with Second and Third Degree Exemplifications thereafter.  St. Timothy in Blaine – First Degree January 12 at 9:00 AM with Second and Third Degrees thereafter.

5.  Habitat for Humanity – District Deputy Swing has scheduled a local project for the District. The specifics are:  Date – Saturday, October 27th from 8:30 AM to PM; Location – 3015 Thomas Avenue North, Minneapolis.  The signup deadline is October 13th.   It was noted that Tom, Carol and Nathan Lee had volunteered to help.  Bill Swing will send out an email blast to the Council advising of the event.

6.  Memorial Mass – The Memorial Mass will be hosted by the Wayzata Council.  It is to be held Friday, November 2 at 6:00 PM at St. Mary’s of the Lake Catholic Church.  Names of deceased Council members are to be forwarded to District Deputy Swing.  At this point it appears the deceased are:  Deacon Sam Catapano, Ed Ayd and Roman Schuh.  It was agreed that it would be good to have Jan Ayd light the memorial candle on behalf of the Council if she is so inclined.  She is to be invited to do so by District Deputy Swing.

It was noted that the Holy Name Council is to provide a sheet cake and liquid refreshments (water and coffee) for the modest after Mass gathering.

7.  Free Throw competition – The Wayzata, Holy Name and Golden Valley Councils appear to be participating in the upcoming competition.  Wayzata will be using the St. Bart’s gym, so we may be able to join with them.  The biggest challenge is getting the word out to the students, and discussion ensued as to how that could be done successfully.

The District competition will occur February 2 at Good Shepherd Catholic School in Golden Valley.

8.  Council visits – District Deputy Swing will visit the Medina Council on October 9.

9.  Coats for Kids – District Deputy Swing noted that the “Coats for Kids” campaign is again open and invited members to sign up to attend the “Faith in Action – Mass of the Holy Spirit – Coats for Kids Collection” that is to be held at US Bank Stadium on October 10.  It is reported 15,000 Catholic school children will be bringing donated coats, etc. to the Mass.  Dan Cincoski reported there is to be a 4th Degree honor guard for the event.

10. Supreme Convention – Scheduled for 2019.

28.  Good of the Order:

  • Christopher “Kip” Walker and wife Susan
  • Dick and Mary Alice Hargarten
  • Jerry Sisk
  • George Laurance
  • Tom Silver
  • Earl Forrence
  • Dave Brinza
  • Paul Silver (Tom Silver’s brother)
  • Bill Rudolph
  • Paul Rode (John Rode’s brother) on his recent loss of employment
  • Davone Yang and family
  • Father Steve and Father Evans
  • Roman Schuh (Joni Gibbs father) on his passing
  • Those suffering from the effects of natural disasters
  • Those preparing for marriage
  • Those in troubled marriages
  • The unborn and pro-life
  • Prayers of thanks for Pope Francis
  • All Cardinals, Bishops, Priests and Religious
  • The unemployed and those seeking work
  • Troubled youth
  • In thanksgiving for prayers answered
  • For all Brother Knights and their families in need of our prayers
  • Candidates for vocations
  • Police Officers
  • Armed Forces
  • All 1st responders

29.  Closing Prayer:  The closing prayers were offered at 8:55PM.

30.  Closing Ode:  The Council dispensed with the closing ode.

31.  Meeting Adjourned:  The meeting was adjourned at 8:56 PM.

Closing Reminders:

  • Coats for Kids event – October 10
  • Habitat for Humanity – October 27
  • Memorial Mass – November 2

Respectfully submitted,

Jim Grube

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