Media Perception

In the old version of the “Third Degree” ceremonial of the KC’s there was a teachable role-playing segment related to what gets said vs what gets perceived. It was engineered to point out how unfair the media, or individuals gossiping can be spun out of control to falsely feed an agenda or cause. The exercise was mostly used to point out the importance of standing behind all parish priests, religious clergy and Catholic doctrine for support and to think before you speak about issues concerning all.

This week, we all suffer from the non-stop coverage from mainstream media of a man who was led on what he felt was a guided hunt. There’s much more to the story, which I will shy away from, as I personally know the hunter, as do others in our KC council. He and his family have made multiple trips to Africa and many other countries. They have donated in excess of a million dollars in goods, services, medical, school supplies and good will to many hundreds, if not thousands of extremely poor people who benefited from the events surrounding numerous guided hunts over all the 30 years he has hunted there and in many different economically impoverished villages throughout the third world.

The extremely high license fees associated with hunting and fishing, world-wide, including Minnesota, pay for the proliferation and propagation of all species involved. No matter what our stance is related to hunting, many of the world’s endangered species have been revived by those conservation efforts and license sales that would otherwise go unfunded and vanish.

While everyone is worked into a frenzy over a popular, named, “man-eating” mascot/pet ambassador, hundreds of thousands of aborted babies, annually, (millions over time) are ignored. Back in the old days, many Catholic parents named, baptized and buried miscarried babies in Catholic cemeteries all over the world. Maybe if names were required for aborted babies, there would be less abortions. Hundreds of millions of our tax-payer dollars are granted to Planned Parenthood, an organization dismembering and illegally selling fetal body parts for profit. All of which is ignored by the mainstream media coverage. In excess of fifty percent of those hundreds of thousands of annual abortions are un-named black children. Why don’t those lives matter?

In one weeks’ time, we now know more about the life and background of an Eden Prairie dentist than we do about the entire field of presidential candidates. In one weeks’ time, three children were cooked inside their family cars by unwitting, irresponsible parents, yet uncovered by the media. Brothers, be vigilant about what you allow to creep into your life, living room and vocabulary. Pray for all of those written about today.

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