Being in the grocery business now, Davonne Yang gave me this idea, as he shared a snapshot of how busy we can all get. Too busy, as he put it. His devotion to the Rosary is so strong, while at the same time his schedule is jam packed that he sometimes has to pare it back to just one decade. We both laughed as we said in unison, “it still counts”. What a Catholic thing to say.

Don’t have time for a big shopping trip to check off the whole list of prayer requests? Don’t have time for a full blown rosary? How ‘bout just a decade? There are five decades and five business days in the week. One decade takes less than four minutes. Let’s just call it a prayer errand. It takes a week to pray a Rosary, but….IT STILL COUNTS!

For those who haven’t yet read Davonne’s rosary miracle story, it can be found here. He left Laos with nothing but a Rosary in his pocket, a small bow and arrows and smuggled his family, by boat, past several enemy machine gun nests, while praying the Rosary on his knuckles. Begging God to make you, your friends and family members invisible, is not something many of us can identify with, but they all made it out safely. If you ever want to be spiritually uplifted, take some time and ask Davonne about his journey to the USA.

It was in December and they laid over in Germany long enough to get warm clothes and jump a transport to New York City. He and Pafuoa were surprised to meet an uncle at one of the demarcation depots and uncle gave him a ten dollar bill. Davone made change and sent five dollars back home to Laos to his mother. How could anyone possibly identify with that? We, here at Good Samaritan KC Council, are so blessed to have him as a member.

Now it’s time for everyone to run the prayer errand. Pafuoa has had at least five surgeries since Thanksgiving for serious blood flow issues related to her daily kidney dialysis. She’s been on the kidney donor list for a very long time, with no response. What if all 132 of our council members just gave them four minutes and one decade?

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