Council Minutes May 21 2019

  1.   The May 21, 2019 Council meeting was held at Latuff’s Restaurant and was called to order by Grand Knight Rode.
  2. Warden’s Report on Membership Cards by Dan Cincoski – No report
  3. Opening Prayer offered by Grand Knight Rode
  4. Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag – No pledge
  5. Roll Call of Officers
Office Name Present (P)
Chaplain             Vacant                  
Grand Knight            John Rode      P
Dep.Grand Knight   Eugene Dust       P
Chancellor           Tom Murphy          P
Recorder      Jim Grube  P
Fin. Secretary     Ed Hagerty     P
Treasurer Mark Mertens      P
Lecturer    Marty Dehen A
Advocate     Tom Silver         P
Warden    Dan Cincoski   P
Inside Guard   Jose Rodriguez-Belerrari    A
Outside Guard Pat Karn       A
Trustee 3 Year Dave Stumpf   P
Trustee 2 Year    Bill Swing      p
Trustee 1 Year        Earl Forrence     P
Present: 11     Absent:  3
  1. Non-Officer Council Members in Attendance (18 members present for votes): Gregg Pulles, Vic Tarnowski, John Kniefel, Robert Kohns. Tom Lee, Nathan Lee, George Brockway
  2. Knights of Columbus Guests:
  3. Opening Ode: There was no opening ode.
  4. Chaplain’s Report: None
  5. Reading of Minutes of Previous Meeting: No action was taken.
  6. Report of Admission Committee and Reading of Applications: No report
  7. Balloting for Membership (new, readmission. reapplications, transfers): No action was taken.
  8. Initiations: None
  9. Grand Knight’s Report: Refer to items #23, #24 and #27.
  10. Treasurer’s Report:  The Council account balance was $8,723.53 as of May 21, 2019.
  11. Financial Secretary’s Report:  Total Receipts reported for the period: $1,986.00; Total Disbursements reported for the period:  $3,053.71 (9 vouchers:  $39.24, $50.00, $476.71, $50.00, $117.76, $800.00, $920.00, $500.00 and $100.00).
  12. Grand Knight Reading of Treasurer’s Receipts, Financial Secretary Vouchers for Deposit – See Financial Secretary’s Report #16.
  13. Report of Auditors and Trustees – No report
  14. Chancellor’s Report on Vocations – No report
  15. Service Program Committee Reports
  • Program Director:  Dave Stumpf – No report
  • Faith Director:  Earl Forrence – No report
  • Vocations Chairman:  Tom Silver – No report
  • Community Director:  Chris Kostelc – No report
  • Life Director:  Pat Karn – No report
  • Health Servcies; Stephen Johnson – No report
  • Public Relations: Matt Mamura – No report
  • Family Director:  Jim Grube – No report
  • Membership Director: John Rode – No report
    • Recruitment Committee 1:  Dan Cincoski – No report
    • Recruitment Committee 2:  Dave Stumpf – No report
    • Recruitment Committee 3:  Mark Mertens – No report
  • Retention Committee: Ed Hagerty – No report.
  • Insurance Promotion: Tom Murphy – No report
  • Chaplain: Not assigned
  • Lecturer: Marty Dehen – No report
  1. Report of the Round Table Chairman – Not applicable
  2. Report of Standing Committees – No report
  3. Unfinished Business – No business
  4. New Business
  5. Grand Knight Rode announced the Tom Silver family (LeeAnn and Jeff) as the Council’s Family of the Year. Congratulations to the family!
  6. Grand Knight Rode announced Bill Swing as the Council’s Knight of the Year. Congratulations to Bill!
  7. Grand Knight Rode presented the officer ballot for the 2019/2020 fraternal year for consideration by the Council. The ballot was as follows:
      • Grand Knight – Eugene Dust
      • Deputy Grand Knight – Tom Murphy
      • Chancellor – Open for nomination
      • Recorder – Jim Grube
      • Financial Secretary – Ed Hagerty
      • Treasurer – Mark Mertens
      • Lecturer – Marty Dehen
      • Advocate – Tom Silver
      • Warden – Dan Cincoski
      • Inside Guard – Tom Lee
      • Outside Guard – Pat Karn
      • Trustee 3 Year – John Rode
      • Trustee 2 Year – Dave Stumpf
      • Trustee 1 Year – Bill Swing

A nomination from the floor placed Greg Pulles’ name in consideration for the Chancellor position.  By unanimous voice vote Greg Pulles was added to the slate of officers, and the slate was elected by unanimous voice vote.

  1. Report of the Fourth Degree – No report
  2. Field Agent’s Report – District Deputy Swing written report noted that the position remains vacant, and calls should go to General Agent David Goedtke:


[email protected]

12 South Marshall Avenue

Springfield, MN 56087

  1. District Deputy’s Report: District Deputy Swing submitted a written report for May, 2019.  Following are the subjects addressed in his report.
    • State Convention: May 17-19 in Alexandria
    • Recruitment: Members needed by Holy Name by June 30th – 6 members and 3 insurance members
    • Supreme Convention District 53 ad: All five Councils have elected to help pay for an ad.
    • Financial Secretary: Ed Hagerty has completed his 3 year term and agreed to continue for another term.
    • Supreme Convention: To be held in Minneapolis August 3 through August 8.
  2. Good of the Order: No report
  3. Closing Prayer: The closing prayers were offered.
  4. Closing Ode: There was no closing ode.
  5. Meeting Adjourned: The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Jim Grube, Recording Secretary

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