Get Fr. Steve to the Priest’s Retreat!

Let’s get Father Steve to this Priest’s Retreat this summer!   See retreat details at :

Jon Hickman has been coordinating this effort.  (Thanks Jon!)  Jon presented to the Council on April 11th and followed up with this email:

As I mentioned, I think it is important that we remind men that this should be a gift in addition to their normal support of Holy Name of Jesus rather than replacing a normal contribution. This is one of the reasons I would rather see many small donations than a few larger ones. Also, many smaller donations will allow more of the men of the parish to participate in sending Fr. Steve to this retreat.

Fr. Steve is truly excited about being able to attend this retreat. While I know we have all seen him excited about events here at Holy Name of Jesus, but to see him excited about something for himself is a real treat – and well timed I believe in light of the recent loss of his sister.

As mentioned, I will prepare some envelopes to leave at the front desk for anyone interested to use in dropping of a donation. Checks if written may be made out to me. As mentioned, if we raise monies beyond the event costs and “traveling money” for Fr. Steve, we will ask him to designate where at Holy Name of Jesus the excess funds should be used.

Thank you all again for the opportunity to address the Knights as well as for your prayers for the success of our “Get Fr. Steve to the Priest’s Retreat” efforts.


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