Minnetonka Life Care Center Expansion Project

Cynpro lifedie Gloe, Director of the Minnetonka Life Care Center, is asking for our help with the expansion of the Center. New space previously occupied by an adjacent salon will be added. Work will involve tear down of walls, cabinets, ceiling, flooring, sheet rocking, etc. The goal is to have this project completed by mid January.

Brother Greg Wacek and his partner Dave Peterson will be providing us with the details, i.e. timing, number of volunteers, specific tasks, etc.  (You may recall that Greg completed the construction of a new room in the Center back in 2012.) Watch for these details in an upcoming announcement.

At this time, we are looking for a Knight to serve as the “Council Project Liaison”. This person would be responsible for communicating with Greg and/or Dave and coordinating KC Council volunteers. If interested, please contact Bill Swing.

A great opportunity to promote life!

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